Kids Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party

We provide customized events planning for Kids Birthday Party. We Prepare and perfectly trained your Kids to celebrate Birthday Party.


Bricks 4 Kidz’ ideal locations are perfect for hosting all kinds of celebrations your kids. From play dates and tea parties to Kids Birthday Party in Singapore, we will endeavour to make your kids’ precious time edutaining!

All our birthday packages come with 1.5 hours of fun, games and 30 min for food & drinks (to be arranged by customer)- total of 2 hours. We will also provide the following: Kids Birthday Party


Goodie bags for all children

Birthday E-invites (soft copy)

Decorations and exclusive venue use of our outlet

Party hosts for the entire party

We have 2 basic birthday party packages available for you to choose from:

$750 for 15 children (Additional child at $20 per child)

$580 for 8 children (Additional child at $30 per child)

Birthday party exceeding the allocated time of 2 hours will be charged at $50/hour for every extra hour thereafter. Food catering services are not included in the package.


You can live chat us at or email us at if you have further questions

We also provide customised events planning such as Kidz@workplace, leadership training programs as well as showroom activities. Kids Birthday Part


o let your kids get a taste of our programmes, get their appetites wet and register them for a class today.

Kids’ birthday is an event of great importance; it is the day of celebrations, fun and enjoyment. Careful birthday planning is required in order to throw the perfect kids’ birthday party. Here, we will discuss some basic ideas and things that must be considered while planning for kids’ birthday party. This will help the parents to get an idea of how to make the upcoming party a memorable and outstanding one.


1. Make a Budget

Prepare a budget for the party. While planning a kids’ birthday party, consider the expenses beforehand for this special occasion. Allocate for some important things while deciding the budget for the birthday parties like venue, invitations, decorations, birthday cake and other food stuff, drinks, gifts and entertainment.


2. Plan Location & Invitations for the Birthday Party

Decide a suitable place for the kids’ birthday party according to the number of guests, birthday theme, games and activities. A sufficient budget will allow you to rent a posh party venue or a restaurant. But if you have a limited budget then it is better to hold the party at your home. After deciding a venue, consider the number of guests that you want to invite. The number of guests would also depends upon your budget, start by inviting close friends and family, your child’s friends and then move on to more if your budget allows it. Kids Birthday Party


3. Pick an Interesting Birthday Theme

When planning a kids’ birthday party another very important thing to consider is the birthday theme. Do some brainstorming, as ideas are endless when it comes to birthday themes. A theme can be relayed to your child’s favorite toy or a game, a cartoon character, a sport, favorite color, cartoon movie or a celebrity. While selecting a birthday theme, involve your child, he or she can come up with better and innovative ideas. Try selecting a theme that is simple, interesting and is the latest in kiddy trends


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